Contextualise the White Bay Power Station as a climate change research and education space that redefines the cultural and technological significance of the site in the 21st century.
Relic is at the global forefront of climate change education. The site itself acts as proof that we are trying, in the epoch of the Anthropocene, to combat climate change before there are irreversible effects to the earth and mankind…
Although individual efforts to fight climate c
hange are necessary, they will mean little if there isn’t systematic change…
100 companies are responsible for 71% of global greenhouse gas emissions…
So why here at the White Bay Power Station? 
The WBPS is a relic of capitalism, colonisation, and industrialisation sitting as an abandoned sore on the city’s landscape. When this relic of destruction is redefined as a civic climate change research and education precinct, the existing and proposed architecture juxtapose one another, creating a dialogue between our past and our future.
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